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April 25, 2020

VALLEY Seven Lakes Marathon

The Course

America's Marathon has been designed for serious runners looking to run personal bests, Boston, and Olympic Trials qualifiers.  Runners in both the half and full will enjoy the pancake flat, lightning fast, wide open country roads of western  Douglas County.  They will also enjoy the small town charm of our host cities, Valley and Waterloo.  The course is literally a race track with long stretches of wide open roads allowing runners to hit their strides and keep their momentum.  The full marathon is two 13.1 mile loops, making our half one of the fastest in the country as well.  You will run past many of our deepwater lake housing developments, showcasing the natural resources and beauty of our communities.  All while being offered the chance to "Run To Your Potential".  In compliance with City and County directors, we are adhering to a 5-hour time limit, further ensuring a fast course and fast field. 

Course Info

Full Marathon

America's Marathon, Valley 7 Lakes is the result of a group of local, dedicated runners understanding the importance of a fully closed road marathon and how that translates to running to one's own full potential. No sidewalks or bike paths, just wide open roads. Boasting a 33 ft. elevation gain we are recognized as the Flattest Closed Road Marathon in the World. America's Marathon is USATF Certified and sanctioned as a Boston Qualifier, Olympic Trials Qualifier, and IAAF Record Eligible event.

Half Marathon


Enjoy a single loop on our same world-class, pancake-flat course. Also Olympic Trials Qualifier and IAAF Record Eligible.

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